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2012-06-01 15:41  

Liaoning University is the one with the multidisciplinary literature, history, philosophy, economics, law, Business management, science, engineering,etc. The only comprehensive university in Liaoning Province. Schools three campuses, the Shenyang Chongshan campus, the Shenyang Puhe campus and the Liaoyang weapons St. campus, teaching area covers an area of ​​2016 mu, building area of ​​628,000 square meters, is one of the institutions of the national "211 Project" key construction.

    Liaoning University, Institute of International Relations is to adapt the new situation of the new development of world science and technology, education and competition for talent, the new institute was formally established on March 1, 2004 to better serve the revitalization of northeast old industrial base and building a moderately prosperous society . It laid the foundation stone at Liaoning University in the theory of international relations and related professional discipline construction and personnel training results, relying on the school a strong humanities and social science basis and more than half a century of experience in education, drawing and drawing on the international relations of the famous universities at home and abroad the professional experience of construction and personnel training, based on the domestic and the world, adhere to the teaching and research both disciplines both construction and personnel training, the starting point to start, High Standard, high efficiency operation. Liaoning party secretary, doctoral tutor Professor Cheng Wei Ren the first President of the Institute of International Relations.

The existing Department of International Politics, World Economy, Korea, Department and other agencies of the Institute of International Relations, and Russian and East European Political Economy Research Institute, the Institute in the Middle East, North Korea Korea Research Centre for East Asian Studies hearts under one roof. College of the establishment of a world economy, transition economics, and catch up with three economics doctoral programs, international relations, world economics, transition economics, catch up with economics, international political and diplomatic studies six master's degree, international politics, international political and economic three undergraduate programs of Korean (ROK economic and trade relations), the world economy subjects as a national key disciplines, International Relations of the key disciplines of Liaoning Province, with other colleges in the campus of a post-doctoral research station. Institute of International Relations with a degree, job title, profession, age structure, high-quality teachers. The College has a staff of 33 people, including 25 professional teachers. Full-time teachers, 13 professors, 7 associate professors. There are 19 doctors, 6 doctoral supervisors. 503 current undergraduates, 178 graduate students, 39 doctors, raw graduates are mainly distributed in the sectors and industries of the party and government organs, foreign units, companies, news publishing, colleges and universities and research institutes.

International politics and international relations is an emerging discipline. Department of International Politics, middle-aged and young backbone teachers, training of international politics undergraduate and international relations graduate students around the "Great Power strategic relationship," the country's political system in transition "," Northeast Asia geopolitical three directions to carry out academic research. The world economy has a long academic tradition in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Russia's economic transition and other fields has yielded fruitful results. Korean Studies is one of the first established by the professional direction of China's colleges and universities, has trained 10 graduate, played an important role in the development of economic and trade relations and promote China-ROK friendship. College to strengthen academic exchanges at home and abroad every year since 2004, invited experts from the United States, Russia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and domestic famous scholars to give lectures, seminars. At present, the Institute has completed more than 300 international cooperation, national and provincial research projects, 40 in research, published scholarly works in 78 published papers in high levels of over 600 articles, 100 national and provincial research award.

Institute of International Relations adhere to the academic forefront of its mission to climb the international relations and world economy, based on to revitalize the northeast old industrial base, and vigorously promote scientific research, and actively create to make progress, realistic and pragmatic style of study, efforts to cultivate a global vision, rich strategic thinking, the courage to forge ahead, and to practice the "Three Represents" talents.

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